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Nikki Strachan has been working as a Professional Makeup Artist in Toronto, Canada for over 15 years. Her experience has ranged from being the Key Makeup Artist for Your Morning & 
The Social with Bell Media to Freelance for celebrities and well know Canadian TV personalities and hosts. 
When not in the throws of TV & Red Carpets - she also moonlights as an instructor at Toronto’s George Brown College, with a focus on bridal makeup for all the young & passionate upcoming MU artists. 
She has beautified numerous fashionable faces and has built an incredible relationship with leading beauty brands as a trend setting influencer in the fast-paced world of style and beauty. Go check out her social media to see her amazing repertoire.
Nikki Strachan



" The relationship between a makeup artist and their client is very intimate. They are up close and personal and it can often feel intimidating. Nikki Strachan is by far one of the most warm welcoming, talented, easy to work with, fun to be around, professional artists I’ve ever worked with. I can spot a “Nikki face” (a face that she has painted) from a line up. She is not only incredibly good at her job, she truly knows how to enhance your natural beauty. I have never left a session with Nikki feeling less than my best. Her energy and magic is truly an experience everyone should witness. "

Liz Trinnear / ETALK


"Nikki is a genius and believe me I don’t use that word lightly! She starts with perfecting the skin —often combining foundations to capture a true tone. Never heavy-handed , her makeup is natural-looking and beautiful. Watching Nikki ply her craft is like watching a master at work!"

Marci Ien

“If there is a magic to amazing makeup and Nikki is the grande wizard. Getting your makeup done requires a kind of trust and intimacy that isn’t always easy to attain. Nikki Strachan makes it easy - not only through her gentle and calm personality but also through her madly versatile makeup wizardry.” - Cynthia Loyst / The Social Host

" I really can’t say enough good things about Nikki and her amazing ability to make me look and feel my best! She is a true artist and has such a range in style making her the perfect makeup artist for any occasion and any face.


Nikki’s ability to really listen to your tastes and makeup preferences means that, whether you like a lighter or heavier hand, or trendy or more classic makeup, she will deliver the most amazing results.


When Nikki does my makeup, I never have to worry about it budging. From 7 o’clock in the morning to when I wash my face at night, my makeup never slips. For me, she strikes the perfect balance by giving me a long-lasting face without making me feel like I’m wearing makeup.


If you’re looking for the perfect cat eye and bold red lip, Nikki is your girl! Basically, she’s a total dream!"

 - Mary Berg / Chef & TV Personality /Top Chef Canada Winner 


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